Development on Windows - Python

Oh, boy. Python! This is part 3 of 3 on our “Development on Windows” series, and by “part 3 of 3,” I of course mean I haven’t thought about more Windows development issues… yet. If I can come up with more, I will be adding more posts. Tweet at me if you think of any issues you have. Maybe I’ll tackle git one day.

There’s a couple reasons why setting up Python on Windows is the hardest. First, a couple of tools that come highly recommended for Python aren’t compatible on a plain Windows install. Second, I’ve never been able to successfully install a C-based extension in Windows. I’m trying a new approach that might be successful as I write this, so hopefully it works out okay.

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Development on Windows - Ruby

Continuing on with our “Developing on Windows” series, we will now be talking about Ruby. Why does everyone think that you can’t develop on Windows? Our last post talks about getting a decent set up for vim.

Compared to that, this is actually not too bad. It follows three steps:

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Development on Windows - Vim

Look, I know you like to program. I also know you like to play video games. I know that gaming on Linux and Mac OS X isn’t too bad, but I know that the big ones are only on Windows.

Dual-booting is an okay solution. It’s okay, SSDs make rebooting pretty quick, but for less than the amount of work of getting a decent dual-boot set up, we can pretty much just do the development in Windows.

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Making This Blog: Pt 1. Pretty Code Snippets

Well, I’m giving this whole static-site Jekyll, Octopress thing a go again, hosting it on Github Pages and all that.

Of course, that means customization. As I imagine I’ll have a lot of code snippets going up, pretty syntax highlighting would be a good place to start.

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